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Huang Long Xizhen spring

deng321: Not help the hearts of a large move, and it will remove the backpack sitting on the painter opposite. The afternoon sun is very light, but also ... the spring can grow chrysanthemums you? Six o'clock in the evening, shops beginning to come behind closed doors out of business, is Huanglongxi on ... A JJ in the Town, wear consistent over five hundred meters along the river, set up the awning wicker chair. So in the spring weekend, people will come from the city or the four townships Bali rest in the river, a cup of twenty or thirty tea or nibbling a handful of seeds going on, or by a mahjong playing cards, tired ,clarks outlet we firmly clothes trapped in a large wicker chair - spring, it does not matter? Riverside temple near the banyan tree of a millennium, packing Qiu branches floating to the root of one hundred narrow red silk, the good wishes of those wind can be realized in the years under the witness? Under the old tree, a painter supporting the drawing board to the portraits of tourists, attracted the curiosity of people stopped watching issued from time to time by the humming of the tongue. I would be a crowd in, looking at a non-exaggerated comic sketch painter men emerge like a little bit, not help the hearts of a large move, and it will remove the backpack sitting on the painter opposite. Very pale afternoon sun, but also through the branches shone, and I sat, the painter painted quietly, visitors to our next stop-over and over again, really leisure time. From time to time, one or two screams accompanied by boats crossing the river from the originally manipulate the boat "boatman" deliberately tilt the hull moving at high speed to meet the feelings of young people seeking to stimulate.clarks outlet online Mixed with the sound of a motor of the river boats, the sound of the air glider, I've been leaning against the columns of Jiang observed for quite a while, make sure it is taking off and landing across the river to a rape. Duo Guo the Wolong shear wave, "bridges, listen to the left front of the mountain temple came by sing, I still fold to the right of the riverside dirt road. Early spring, the river is very shallow, the shore is visible round gravel and black mud of the beach. The dirt road scattered few bundles of long white (shepherd's purse to spend?), Gray and purple (bean flowers?) Flowers, large tracts the or Huangcan rape, goes through the news to see the obvious floral. The wild, stroll circle back to the town center, listening to stream music speakers looming stroll several unique shops, blink of an eye, but found that young men and women head more than wearing a brightly colored daisy crown, it was in a few collapse bamboo basket-old mother is now compiled and sold. Oh, the fields only saw a rape so much daisy come from? Spring growth of chrysanthemum? Six o'clock in the evening, clarks desert boots shops beginning to come behind closed doors out of business, is rowing on the Huanglongxi people were tied up with the work of boat Hugh, so visitors regardless of make fun only dispersed. The town's main street bright a Jizhan of antique red Shadeng.clarks originals Organizations such as visitors, the town seemed quiet and deserted. To riverside apartment, no street lights here, but unfortunately today no month. The noisy during the day JJ dim and silent flowing. Perhaps, such as over the spring, it should still Pentium rushing up it.

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