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Infinite love in Lijiang

deng321: Finally to the Holy Land in the dream, experience the the Lijiang beautiful legend, Yulong Snow Mountain, magnificent, exquisite Dali, The rolling hills of the vast. The journey of five days and six nights to go down although very tired, but come back to look at our footprint, will feel that this trip is not in vain, the value of this trip to go. The morning of Lijiang has been more than nine, which is the best time of the day, breakfast is too cold, late people. Fortunately, however, is now the low season for tourism, people do not imagine that in less crowded. Looking for good at his hotel, we will directly to the ancient city of Lijiang. Not the same architectural style, landscape suddenly let me indulge in this beautiful town. Lijiang is the water, clear water throughout the entire town in front of every house, every shop is a flow stream. The ancients said bridges refers to here. However, because of Lijiang fame too much, too many people to travel, has now been over-exploitation, could not find the flavor of the culture, touches a strong business atmosphere. For me, inevitably some disappointment. Thus, the small shopping a bit, buy clarks boots, we will find a viewing platform. Down, the ancient town of Lijiang net income fundus; to the distant, dense wind around the Yulong Snow Mountain. So let the boss bubble to half a cup of Pu'er, quietly savor the beauty of beauty. A cup of coffee, Banzhan Pu'er, snatch half-day leisure time; the Old Town of Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain, prompting visitors to a hundred years memorable. However, Lijiang night but is quite different, the town where the bar scene of debauchery, the foreigners who like to soak the bar to enjoy the night view of the outside, but I did not so elegant appreciation perspective. The impact of modern culture and ancient culture, blend in this time perfectly unfolded. Some say The Lijiang Aventure paradise, her lifelong companion, maybe it will find nothing in the bar drinking wine. But my idealism, I believe Serendipity. Appreciate the End of the night view of the ancient town, back at his hotel, a good rest, because tomorrow we leave for the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Tiger Leaping Gorge in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, 16 kilometers in length, divided on the tiger jumped the jump of the tiger and the tiger jumped the roundabout circuitous road of 25 km, east of the Yulong Snow Mountain, west of the Haba Snow Mountain, Canyon vertical elevation of 3790 m is one of the deepest canyon in the world. Tiger Leaping Gorge, is famous the world has always been the "risks". First Hill insurance. Canyon on both sides of high mountains are standing. East Yulong, year-round Piyun Dicey, Silver Peak inserted days, the main peak as high as 5596 meters above sea level, the mountainside rock cymbals Mindanao Furuto twine, foot of steeply-line the river bottom, the Tigers Yuanti wolf leopard infested; West Haba Snow Mountain , towering suddenly redundancy, mountain waist platform, the foot of a steep cliff. West Bank peaks higher than 3000 meters above the river. The country of the Three Gorges, the Bank said the spectacular river peak elevation, 1500 m. Tiger Leaping Gorge is not only deep, but narrow in many places, bimodal For together, such as the door half open; body into the valley, watching the sky crack, watching the river one-stop; head cliffs foot Pro torrent, very frightened. Followed by marine insurance, the rock of the fault collapse, resulting in numerous Shilianghe down bucket, combined with cross-strait hillside steep, stand like a wall of rock, rocks weathered boulders often collapse trough, forming the river rocks everywhere, interlocking, densely rapids, waterfalls, meta- . From the Tiger Leaping Gorge, under the Gap, drop of 210 meters, with an average of 14 meters per kilometer, Jiang Liu Express, many paragraphs, six to eight meters per second. Thus the river trend of ever-changing, or crazy Chi howling, stone chaotic water shock the whipped Xuelang, or vortex Manjuan waterfalls roar, the mist misty. Constitute the world of rare landscape wonders. When he first entered the Tiger Leaping Gorge scenic area, we are confident the decision has been to walk along the mountain the tiger jumped. And in persuading the locals behind us do not lead a horse to follow us, we will not sit. But others do not talk to us, but has been behind us. Seems to think that our physical strength must not, simply could not climb the steep mountain. The most famous of 28 Po, a foot wide trail suddenly rose suddenly drop at the foot of a bottomless cliff, the bottom is the roar of the stormy sea, the head is the the zips strength strong river wind, forcing the people close to the rock the root proceed with caution, occasionally touch down a stone, just like a nine fell from a long time to see it fall into the middle of the river stirred waves! away were nearly two hours, I asked the fellow coming, the results told me that even 28 Po did that twice in a row! This time I began to wonder whether they can stick with it, but accompanied by two female students has always insisted on a microphone students still wearing Clarks oxfords lace-ups I have been to adhere to climb, and finally insight into the 28 Po more difficult to walk, a microphone students frail, riding up the mountain, but in a kind of precipice we feel that riding than the climb up but also afraid to come forward. On the way encountered many foreign backpackers, the United States, South Korea's hotties are attracted by the beauty of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Wanted to take the opportunity to practice your foreign language, and foreigners who did not realize that foreigners are so friendly, said the word Hello do not know what they say, shame! Over 28 Abduction of a point to eat to bring their own rations continued on our way. I thought the most difficult to go 28 Shui fast almost to the companions told me that this is the beginning. Before dark to HalfWay inn lodging, listen to the name to know where is half of the road, and now has only just begun, so cheer continued on our way. Side of the road is like walking more, there is no 28 Shui steep, not the edge of the cliff. Finally before dark we arrived at the inn, math, or first to the inn, those foreigners thrown far behind. Half Way Inn is a courtyard-style building, the front is the Yulong Snow Mountain, we can see through the window on the back of the Haba Snow Mountain. Standing on the observation deck of the inn, and here is the place from the Yulong Snow Mountain. Even the toilets, also known as the toilet of the world. Squatting on the toilet can see snow-capped mountains, really lives! Night those foreigners, we began a stranger, but we are all climbing, destined to live together, they feel familiar with them, after all, not many people of the mountains, we talk about the beauty we see today, are we not life a great joy. Know each other from different places, and even different countries, but destined today met here can talk to the topic, so it was slowly cooked up, foreigners who also please drinking red wine to , but we are not accustomed to, had refused, not speaking the language, we have to go early to rest! What is gratifying is that Americans and Korean actually reuse Chinese exchange. How much I find a point of pride. Half Way, the inn is a great place to look at the scenery, rest stops on the middle of backpackers on foot, the price is cheap, the only bit shortcoming is the food taste not gnaw, huh, huh! RBI could not help small ad clarks outlet online! Morning eyes saw the feeling of the Yulong Snow Mountain is really good, but unfortunately the mountain is too high to see the sunrise and get to to noon. So with this regret, we left the inn continued on our way. Morning walk easily, coupled with the rest of the night, clarks originals one hour earlier than scheduled, we went to the tiger jumped. This is the foot of the focus station, the scenery under the tiger jumped the tiger jumped, coupled with our afternoon to catch back to Lijiang, the time is not allowed. Early in the Youth Hostel after lunch, we will be under side of the Jinsha River, the innkeeper told us to go up and then take at least three hours. The tiger jumped scenery deserves its reputation, my text has been enough to show its beauty. Cliff emptying here to drink, or piercing the blue sky, or oblique flutter Eguchi, broad and mighty river, encountered cliffs of extrusion blocked, seems to have become furious, and gather our strength to Yashi constantly attack the turbulent turbulent waterfalls vacated, and the lonely valley of the roaring sonic booms valley. River bottom Jingtao crack shore, yatou spring gush. Your waist in the Haba Snow Mountain along intramural Dengdao careful climbing a row, we often encounter the waterfalls waterfall, passing you on top, as if to enter the Water Curtain Cave. However, we would nonetheless be back to reality, according to plan this afternoon to return to Lijiang, but also teach you tomorrow Beam River.

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